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Humble Newz stands for diversity, creativity and a willingness to be unique. Our mission statement ” Do More Contemplate Less  Remain Humble” can be applied to any walk of life. Humble Newz is a brand that’s main focus is to inspire and create a new trend, Individuality. The Humble Newz brand hopes to symbolize how hard work and the courage to pursue a dream pushes you to Do More Contemplate Less and Remain Humble. Be Dope!



We provide a variety of Clothing for every walk of life. With multiple fabric types we have something for every season. We are in the process of coming out with new designs and garments.


We offer Photography services that includes Conceptual, Portrait, Fine Art, Architecture, Product and Promotional photography. For more info visit our official Photography site Humble Vizion


Need art work for your home, office or business? We offer art in the form of poster, prints and canvas. Art consist of original photography from Humble Vizion and also graphic art that can be customized to fit your personal needs. Check out our art section for our current collection or visit our official Photography site for more options at Humble Vizion



Humble Lyons

Humble Lyons

Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley

The name HumbleNewz originated from our hometown in Newport News, VA and the value of being ‘Humble.’ We always lived by it and believe humbling yourself is necessary for growth. We built around it and put it first because it’s not about who we are, it’s about the art and what we represent.
Humble NewZ began focused around music and the development of new artists. It was so preliminary that the logo was made of a stick figure, but as it developed, so did the idea and concept of HumbleNewz. When it came time to advertise the music production we let the stick figures go and collaborated with a graphic designer to create an official logo.

We then had a few shirts created,  posted on social media and they sold out instantly. What started as an opportunity to advertise and “brand” the business, quickly became a business of its own.

After many unsuccessful attempts to find a visual producer for the brand  and with the music venture loosing it momentum, Humble decided he would temporary fill the void they needed and put more focus on the imagery side of launching the Humble Newz clothing line. Once he picked up the camera…he never put it down. He became the man behind the business and the camera.
HumbleNewz has since expanded and added an actual visual side to the brand, known as HumbleVizion. Humble Vizion’s goal is to move from local to nationwide exposure, integrating into the commercial aspect of both industries.

We’ve managed to build and develop a brand from ground up and we hope to encourage others to go after their dreams/goals with all they have.

To value Time.

Make Memories.

Live Hard and Be Dope

We appreciate you even checking the page out!
Do More, Contemplate Less, and Remain Humble.